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We take eye care very personally. At Kofsky Optometry, every patient is seen by Malcolm Kofsky throughout the entire process. This enables Malcolm to better understand your specific needs and situation, to deliver more effective diagnosis that is most suitable to the long-term protection of your vision.

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Malcolm Kofsky

Optometrist and Owner

When Malcolm established Kofsky Optometry over 30 years ago, he did it with one purpose in mind: to serve the community.

Growing up in South Africa, Malcolm was surrounded by a vast dichotomy of wealth, where the majority of South Africans lived in poverty. Malcolm was determined to give back to those who were less fortunate. He trained in Optometry at Wits University in South Africa with the purpose of helping people see better and qualified in 1980.

Once qualified, Malcolm worked in the largest local indigenous public hospital for over two years, helping locals with many eye conditions.

He emigrated to Australia in 1989 and opened Kofsky Optometry in Rose Bay. He has never forgotten his roots or his drive to help the community and today, Malcolm works at the heart of the Eastern Suburbs through his personal and professional endeavours.

In his personal time, Malcolm has served as president of the Rose Bay Chamber of Commerce and has recently received Honorary Life President for 26 years of service.

He is the President of the NSW Council of Orthodox Synagogues. Malcolm has also served on the board of not-for-profit organisations and is involved in the local junior football club. In his spare time, he competes in triathlons.

Kofsky Optometry continues to support many local community organisations, including Bondi Lions Club.
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Reception Manager

Merav is our Reception Manager (and Chief Optical Fashion Consultant!).

She has a unique perspective of Kofsky Optometry because she was a patient of Malcolm’s before also working with him.

When asked why she enjoys working at Kofsky Optometry, she said “I love the patient community, each patient has a story and I enjoy hearing them. I also love working for Malcolm, who has a wealth of experience within his field and a very caring and personable manner with his patients. On a personal level, he’s a wonderful boss who always puts family and the team first”.

When not helping customers choose the perfect frames, Merav has her other full-time job, looking after three teenagers and a dog!

Merav loves going to the gym, hiking, swimming and is a lifesaver with North Bondi SLSC.



Aiden has been in the optometry industry since 1987. As a child, he knew that his future profession would be one that was technical and intricate, and dispensing proved to be the perfect fit.

Aiden is the first to say that dispensing makes a great career: “It has science, business, as well as industrial and entrepreneurial aspects to it. You can help people one at a time with their vision or engage in global blindness prevention programs, or help with the research, design and production of new products that can change how people see around the whole world for years to come. You will always find something interesting to do when you’re in optometry and dispensing!”

In his spare time, Aiden enjoys reading and writing, and already has four books published (we’re told there are another six or seven in the pipeline!)
dispensing services

It’s hard to believe but Malcolm has:

Tested over

pairs of eyeballs ranging from 2 years old to 95 years old

Provided more than

pairs of lenses and contact lenses for the community

Used more than

eye drops

changed hundreds of flat tires on his racing bicycle, caught many waves and swum more laps of Bondi Beach than we have had hot breakfasts.

tested the vision and dressed the eyes of celebrities, well-known local identities and politicians

made thousands of people laugh with his cheeky humour

The latest fashions from around the world

Quick Delivery

Unmatched service, with our onsite workshop

Kofsky Optometry is very proud to support customers with an in-house dispensing service and workshop.

Having a workshop onsite means we can deliver lenses incredibly quickly, sometimes in as little as two days, whereas many other corporate optometrists rely on lenses being outsourced and can take up to four weeks to deliver. Have a problem with your existing frames? We can help. We are very happy to offer a complimentary service for your frames (even if you purchased them somewhere else). If your frames need an adjustment, replacement screws or nosepad, or even a deep clean, just come in and see our dispenser Aidin and he’ll fix for free.

Sustainability at Kofsky Optometry

As parents (and grandparents!) we take our role seriously in looking for ways to minimise our impact on the planet and support a number of key sustainable initiatives:

Recycle your unused glasses, you can donate it to unadvantage people

Recycle For Sight

Recycle For Sight is a great program run by the Bondi Lions Australia club, as part of the Lions Clubs International Worldwide Eyeglass Recycling Program.

Lions Recycle for Sight Australia Inc. is a not-for-profit volunteer group that collects used glasses, sunglasses, new frames, used lens, unused contact lens and medical support equipment.

They send them to people in developing countries who can’t afford glasses or contact lenses, through humanitarian organisations. Over the last 26 years, Recycle for Sight has saved over seven million pairs of glasses from landfill and delivered them to people all over the world. It has helped children read and learn and allowed adults to work and support their family.

If you have any old or unused glasses, please bring them to us and we’ll donate them on your behalf.

contact lense recycling at Kofsky Optometry

Plastic neutral contact lenses

We believe that a lot of small changes can help lead to a big change. And that’s why we are thrilled to stock CooperVision’s world-first range of plastic neutral, 1-day contact lenses. For every kilogram of plastic in CooperVision 1-day brands distributed in Australia and New Zealand, CooperVision® works with Plastic Bank to collect and recycle an equal amount of oceanbound plastic through their global recycling communities.

If throwing all that contact-lens related plastic away has been annoying you, this could be the perfect solution. For a free trial of these lenses, just pop in-store or call us on 02 9371 0093

Minimal packaging wherever possible

Why does everything seem to need so much packaging these days?? We look to minimise packaging materials where possible and are always looking for better ways to provide our products and services with the lowest amount of unnecessary paper and plastic

If you have any concerns about your vision, just contact us to arrange an eye exam.