Eye Care for Adults

At Kofsky Optometry, we understand the changing visual issues and needs experienced with age. Explore why a regular eye exam every two years is crucial, and learn about the many eye issues common in this age group, including presbyopia, early glaucoma detection, cataract awareness, and retinal changes.

Ensuring Long-Term Vision

Why A Regular Eye Exam Every Two Years Matter

Your vision plays a pivotal role in every aspect of your life, from work to leisure activities. Regular eye exams every two years offer more than just a prescription update; they provide a comprehensive assessment of your eye health. Through these tests, we can detect changes early, ensuring timely intervention and maintaining clear, comfortable vision as you navigate your adult years.

Addressing Your Visual Health

Common Eye Issues for Adults


As you approach your mid-40s, you may notice difficulty focusing on near objects. This age-related condition, known as presbyopia, affects your ability to read, use digital devices, and perform close-up tasks. We offer a range of solutions, including multifocal lenses and reading glasses, to help you maintain clear vision at all distances.

Preventative Early Glaucoma Detection

Glaucoma can develop without noticeable symptoms and lead to irreversible vision loss. Through comprehensive eye exams, we monitor for signs of early glaucoma, allowing for proactive management and preservation of your precious vision
cataract cat

Early Cataracts Awareness

While cataracts are typically associated with seniors, they can develop earlier in life. Regular eye tests enable us to detect cataracts in their early stages and provide guidance on when surgical intervention may be necessary for clearer vision

Retinal Changes

Your retina is essential for processing visual information. Changes in retinal health can signal systemic conditions like diabetes or hypertension. Our advanced retinal imaging technology allows us to assess retinal health, ensuring that your overall well-being is also taken into account.

Your Eye Health, Our Commitment

Prioritizing Your Visual Wellness

At Kofsky Optometry, we believe that clear vision enhances every facet of your adult life. Our tailored approach to adult eye care encompasses not only prescriptions but also a comprehensive evaluation of your eye health. Whether you’re managing presbyopia, preventing glaucoma, addressing cataracts, or monitoring retinal changes, we are here to provide you with the highest standard of care.
Contact us today to schedule your regular eye test and embark on a journey to maintaining optimal vision and eye health.