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Family eye care

Caring for your child’s eyes

Maintaining healthy eyes requires regular vision and eye exams. Our family eye care services includes personalized optical and medical eye care services to satisfy your family’s needs at any age.


Children don’t know they have vision problems, because they assume everyone sees the same. They don’t know if far away objects are blurrier than they should be, or if they have double vision up close.


Yet undiagnosed vision problems can affect their schooling, and tear down their confidence in the classroom and in their daily life.


The only way to find out if your child has a vision problem is with a thorough eye test from a kid optometrist.

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Kid-friendly eye tests

Kid-friendly eye tests


That’s where we come in. We make your kids feel right at home, so they feel safe and comfortable in telling us what they can see during our tests.


When they come in, they’ll be greeted by a special kids table with toys. Their eye tests are adapted for children so they can easily explain what they see. Plus, we stock a wide range of trendy kids’ frames.

Common eye problems in children

Common eye problems in children


Some common paediatric vision conditions are:

  • accommodative weakness
  • amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • colour blindness
  • convergence insufficiency
  • depth perception problems