Recycle For Sight


When it comes to community service, we like to walk the talk.


We support two community lens recycling programs which help disadvantaged people and the planet:


Bring your unused or old glasses back to us, and we’ll donate them to disadvantaged people.


Recycle For Sight is a great program run by the Bondi Lions Australia club, as part of the Lions Clubs International Worldwide Eyeglass Recycling Program. We have been proudly supporting the Bondi Lions for 30 years since we first opened.


Lions Recycle for Sight Australia Inc. is a not for profit volunteer group that collects used spectacles, sunglasses, new frames, used lens, unused contact lens and medical support equipment.


They send them to people in developing countries who can’t afford glasses or contact lenses, through humanitarian organisations.


Over the last 26 years, Recycle for Sight has delivered over seven million pairs of spectacles to people all over the world. It has helped children read and learn and allowed adults to work and support their family.


If you’d like to give the gift of clear vision, then please pop into our store during opening hours and leave your used spectacles with us or call us on 02 9371 0093


The Bondi Lions representative will collect them from us for the Recycle for site program.

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Recycle Your Glasses With Malcolm Kofsky Optometry

Contact lens recycle program


We are thrilled to be a collection point and supporter of the Bausch + Lomb recycling program in partnership with TerraCycle.


Through this program, we recycle our used contact lenses and blister packs to keep them out of landfill.


We use a lot of contact lenses as trial lenses for our customers, to help them find the best fit, and to show them how to insert and remove contacts.


The program recycles any brand of used contact lenses and blister packs. Plus, for every kilo of waste donated, the program donates $1 to Optometry Giving Sight.


We are also a recycle collection point, so if you would like to participate then please bring us your unused or expired contact lenses, we can include them in our recycle returns.

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