When your vision is blurry at all distances, you may have astigmatism.


As opposed to myopia or hyperopia where your vision is uniformly blurry, astigmatism causes asymmetric blur. It means some directions will be more out of focus than others.


It is caused by a problem with how your eye focuses light. In a normal eye, light comes to a single focus on the retina to produce clear vision. Having this vision condition, you have multiple focus points.


The shape of your eye affects the way light is refracted into the eye causing blurred vision. A normal eye is perfectly round like a tennis ball, and an eye with astigmatism is more like a rugby football shape.


You might find you get eye strain or headaches after reading for a long time, or find yourself squinting at the screen to try to focus. Symptoms vary depending on the type of astigmatism, and you may have it in one eye or both. It’s quite a common condition, and most people have it to some degree


We correct astigmatism with an eye test, followed by prescribing glasses or contact lenses. Everyone has a different type of astigmatism, so they each have their own impact. It is therefore essential that your eyeglasses or contact lenses fit and function correctly. Kofsky Optometry will review all available treatment options with the goal of developing clear, comfortable and efficient vision.


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