Many people with glaucoma don’t even realise they have it until it’s too advanced. In its early stages, it often has no symptoms, and vision loss is gradual. It  is a leading cause of blindness for people over 60 years old.


By the time you notice problems, it’s possible that irreversible vision loss has occurred. The longer you leave glaucoma untreated, the greater the chance of damage. If left untreated, it may result in blindness.


This makes regular, expert eye tests absolutely vital.


You’re more at risk of glaucoma if you’re over 40, and if others in your family have it.


This eye condition affects the pressure in the eye and damages the nerve cells which send information from the eye to the brain, resulting in blurred vision.


There are very few early warning signs for glaucoma.  It can be detected through regular eye examination and we recommend a check at least every two years if you’re over 40.


We use OCT technology and a visual field test to check for its early signs.


Our in-house OCT produces detailed 3D images and allows our Optometrist to measure the thickness of your retinal nerve fibres to find any abnormalities.


If we identify signs of glaucoma we’ll refer you to an eye specialist for treatment.


If you or a family member are over 40, book an eye test today.

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