Myopia is the correct name for short-sightedness. It means you can see close up, but not so well far away.


You might find that road signs seem blurry, or you can’t recognise a friend’s face from a distance. A classic sign is squinting to read the text on the TV menu.


If your child is short-sighted, you might find them squinting, or hunching over to read.


Myopia often develops during adolescence, when your eye grows to its full adult size. It’s quite common, and about 15% of Australians are short-sighted.


The cause is unknown, but it’s related to genetic factors, and possibly environmental factors.


We identify myopia through an eye test, which we can do right here in our Optometry practice in Rose Bay.


We correct it through prescription glasses or contact lenses. Refractive surgery can also be effective and we will refer you to a specialist for this.


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