Dry eye

Dry eye

Dry eye

Dry eye syndrome happens when you don’t have enough tears. And no, crying won’t fix it! Your eye produces tears whenever you blink. Some people’s eyes don’t produce enough moisture, or the tears don’t stay on the eye long enough.


This causes the eye surface to dry out, creating that irritated sandpaper-like feeling.


Ironically, sometimes, your eye may start to water for hours or even days. Other symptoms include:

  • burning, stinging or itchy eyes
  • gritty feeling/foreign body sensations
  • blurred vision
  • tired or red eyes
  • sensitivity to light
  • contact lens discomfort
  • irritation from wind/smoke.


Dry eye can be due to everyday factors like:

  • aging
  • blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids)
  • dry environment/pollution
  • computer use
  • hormonal changes (especially in women, e.g. Menopause)
  • LASIK surgery
  • certain types of medication.


We check for dry eye by doing a test called a fluorescein eye stain or eye drop test.


Then we treat it for you with a specialised in-house dry eye treatment.


If you or your family are experiencing dry eye symptoms book an eye test today.

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