Prescription lenses

Dispensing Services

Prescription lenses and frames


The eye test is just the beginning of our service.


We provide a quick turnaround & dispensing services from the moment we determine your prescription to the moment you walk out with your fabulous new glasses.

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Frame selection & fitting

Frame selection & fitting


Our team are renowned for their skill in selecting the perfect frame or sunglasses for your face shape, prescription, lifestyle, and look.


After your eye test, we’ll spend time with you to select your ideal frame, giving you advice and feedback as you make your choice.


You can also pop in anytime to upgrade your look, with our up-to-date collection of branded frames and sunglasses.

Lens cutting and fitting

Lens cutting and fitting


We have state of the art lens laboratory equipment right here in store. We cut and fit prescription lenses in-house, making it wonderfully easy and efficient for you, giving you the fastest possible fitting service.


Turnaround time for cutting and fitting standard single vision lenses is 24 hours.


More specialised lenses like bifocal or multi-focal lenses and specialised hard or multi coatings will take a little more time.


For more anything truly specialised, we may choose to have these cut by our preferred lens laboratory. We will provide you with a more definite time frame at the time of purchase.

Contact lens exam & fit

Contact lens exam & fit


Every eye is different, and we want you to have the most perfect, most comfortable fit for your eyes.


We have a proven process to find the perfect contact lens for you.


First, we do a thorough eye test, to assess:


  • The curvature of the cornea or front surface of your eye. We measure this with an instrument called a Keratometer.
  • The size of your pupil or your iris (the coloured area of your eye). We measure this with an instrument called a Biomicroscope or slit lamp.
  • The dryness of your eyes. One of the most common problems affecting contact lens wear is dry eyes. We’ll do a tear film evaluation to see how much moisture your eyes produce.


Second, after identifying which lenses work best with your eyes, we’ll let you try on a pair of lenses to confirm the fit and comfort. We’ll insert the lenses for you, and ask you to keep them in for 15-20 minutes to assess fit, movement and comfort in your eye.


The initial Contact Lens Exam & Fitting takes around 45 minutes.


We will then order in the contact lenses to your specific prescription. When they arrive instore we will show you how to insert and remove, clean and store, and advise you how long to wear them.


We’ll book you in for a follow-up appointment to check that your contact lenses are fitting correctly and that your eyes are adjusting properly.

Lens tinting


We can add anti-glare tinting to your standard plastic prescription lenses right here on site at our practice. Just request it when choosing your frames.