Have your eye tested for Pterygium at Malcolm Kofsky Optometry


After a lifetime spent by the beach or in the sun, pterygium can become a problem as you age. Sometimes called “surfers eye”, it’s caused by long term exposure to ultra-violet light, as well as hot dry environments.


It’s the name for that triangular bump on the eyeball that starts on the white of the eye and can grow into your cornea and it can cause blurred vision.


It occurs more in 30-50 year olds, especially if you have fair skin.


The best way to reduce your risk, or slow the progression of an existing pterygium, is to protect your eyes from ultraviolet light:  avoid the sun, wear a hat and wear good sunglasses.


If we find that your pterygium is actively growing on to the cornea and threatening to distort your vision, we would refer you to a specialist for surgical removal.


If you have any area of tissue on or around the eyes that changes rapidly then book an eye test today.

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