OM Kofsy Plastic Neutral Sea

See clearer & sea clearer

At Kofsky Optometry, we believe that a lot of small changes can help lead to a big change. And that’s why we are thrilled to stock CooperVision’s Clear Choice range of world-first plastic neutral, 1-day contact lenses.

For every kilogram of plastic in CooperVision’s Clear Choice 1-day contact lenses, distributed in Australia and New Zealand, CooperVision works with Plastic Bank to collect and recycle an equal amount of ocean-bound plastic through their global recycling communities.

What is plastic neutrality?

It’s like carbon neutrality, but instead of carbon credits, it uses plastic credits. Plastic neutral is achieved when a company (or an individual) recovers and recycles the same amount of plastic it uses or produces.

How does it work?

All Clear Choice 1-day contact lens brands and products in AU & NZ are included. All plastic used in the lens, the blister and the secondary packaging (outer carton) including ink, adhesive and films is added up. CooperVision purchase credits equal to the weight of plastic Clear Choice use in our 1-day contact lenses, the blister and the secondary packaging here in Australia and New Zealand. An equal amount of ocean-bound plastic is then collected by Plastic Bank. Collected materials are reprocessed for reintroduction into the global supply chain

What if I wear a toric or a multifocal lens?

You’re still making an impact. The plastic neutrality initiative applies to CooperVision entire range of Clear Choice’s 1-day lenses, so you can make an impact no matter what your vision correction need is.

Who benefits?

Through CooperVision’s partnership with Plastic Bank, we all win, including plastic collectors in coastal communities. They receive a premium for the materials they collect to help them provide for basic family necessities, such as groceries, school tuition, and health insurance.

If throwing all that contact-lens related plastic away has been annoying you, this could be the perfect solution. For a free trial of these lenses, just pop in-store or call us on 02 9371 0093

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